On the Problem of "Breed" in Pigeon Breeding



There is a large population in Turkey dedicated to the pigeon keeping. Pigeon breeding has created a deep cultural understanding in both Anatolia and Thrace. In particular, the number of pigeon genotypes specific to Turkey is quite high. However, it is necessary to systematize the existing wealth and knowledge relating to culture, breeding and breeds. This article discusses scientific studies on the definition of the breeds and the information pollution surrounding the term "breed" in parallel to the efforts made in the context of the registration studies of the Turkish pigeon breeds, which have gained momentum over the past 10 years. World-famous breeds of Turkish origin were presented and the importance of these races for Turkey was mentioned. In particular, the misconceptions about the breed term were highlighted and scientific studies on the definition of pigeon breeds in Turkey were reviewed. It is necessary to set up the infrastructure for the registration of Turkish pigeon breeds, which are an important cultural and genetic heritage, as soon as possible.






Review Article